151 Tips for Realtors® - By a Realtor®

This is not just another tips booklet to help the public buy or sell a house. It is for Realtors® only, to help them overcome everyday situations dealing with home buyers and sellers. Hundreds of Realtors® are taking advantage of the "money making" as well as "money saving" tips offered in this booklet.

Basic Real Estate Appraisal

This book covers accepted theory and current practices in real estate appraisal, and highlights government and industry standards governing appraisals.

Agency Relationships in Real Estate

100 Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask : With Answers from Top Brokers from Around the Country

The author offers an invaluable handbook for the millions of American homesellers--lucid, engaging advice that will not only show sellers how to make more money, but also show them how to sell with peace of mind.

How to List and Sell Residential Real Estate Successfully

Written by a top-producing Broker and one of the nation's most knowledgeable and entertaining professional speakers, this best-selling text provides a complete step-by-step, proven program for designing and implementing a successful, professional real estate career. Packed with examples, forms, charts, instructions and illustrative anecdotes, it offers a comprehensive source of real-life, practical information that real estate agents (new and experienced) can use to be more successful in the business.

How to List and Sell Real Estate in the 21st Century

This book is crowded with money-making methods for both experienced and new agents, both of whom face intensified competition in the new millennium. Readers will learn realistic, client-oriented ways to guide their prospects to the right decisions for them and for the real estate agents. The book gives a clear look at the real world of real estate without the rose-tint. Practical, up-to-date advice fills the book.

All About Escrow and Real Estate Closings : Or How to Buy the Brooklyn Bridge and Have the Last Laugh

Closing on a house can be more confusing than actually buying it. There are papers to sign, checks to write and documents to scrutinize before they are etched in stone. It is the most important part of buying a home, but one which is least understood. With over 25 years experience in escrow, title and real estate related fields, I have helped thousands of people buy homes, and save money in the process.

The Eight New Rules of Real Estate : Doing Business in a Consumer-Centric, Techno-Savvy World

According to one reader, "This is the most important book about the real estate industry in the past 20 years, AND for the next 10. This book will be the guide for all those that know that change in real estate is upon us! Change is here, and Dr. Tuccillo shows why and how this change will affect the real estate industry, from agents on down. The change is real, the change is here, and the change is now. Dr. Tuccillo shows how to be a part of and profit from this change."

Essentials of Real Estate Finance

A no-nonsense approach to Real Estate Finance for real estate agents.