10 Minute Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home (10 Minute Guides)

This step-by-step guide will provide invaluable advice for anyone involved in a real estate transaction. Included are basic strategies, such as finding the right property, negotiating the best price, working with agents, and avoiding last-minute problems at closings. (With charts and illustrations.)

10 Steps to Home Ownership: A Workbook for First-Time Buyers

First-time homebuyers have a guide specifically tailored to their needs in 10 Steps to Home Ownership. Author Ilyce R. Glink writes reassuringly for those who are new to the often-confusing world of real estate. Her book is full of worksheets, allowing readers to pencil out solutions to home buying's many riddles: How big a mortgage can you qualify for? How much money will you need at closing? This book, 10 Steps to Home Ownership, can help readers who find themselves dreaming of home ownership, but are too bewildered to take the first steps.

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask: With Answers from Top Brokers from Around the Country

The best friend a prospective buyer ever had--a book that deciphers the jargon, matches desires with means, keeps an eye on details and helps first-timers land the home of their dreams.

The American Bar Association Guide to Home Ownership: The Complete and Easy Guide to All the Law Every Home Owner Should Know

A neighbor's tree is dropping rotten fruit onto your driveway. You're debating refinancing your mortgage. You discover asbestos wrapped around your home's pipes. Someone slips on the ice outside your door. You pay someone to fix your roof, and it still leaks. What are your legal rights and options? The friendly and clear answers to these and many other questions are right here in The American Bar Association Guide to Home Ownership.

Build It Right!: What to Look for in Your New Home

When you remodel or build a house, you have what can seem like a million options. Knobs, handles, or finger grooves in the kitchen cabinets? Self-rimming sink or drop-in? Top vent fireplace or direct vent? Often you're at the mercy of a contractor whose eye is on getting a bigger cut of the eventual cost, so you can end up with the most expensive--and not necessarily the best--choice. Myron Ferguson diagrams and describes the options efficiently and helpfully, and straightforwardly states when and why a certain choice is best. This simple, pragmatic guide will be worth its weight in gold to the first-time remodeler and builder.

Buy Your First Home!/Finding the Right House, Surviving the Mortgage Process, Avoiding the Pitfalls

Written in a conversational style, this book makes the home-buying process simple and understandable. Irwin explains a real estate transaction, offers guidance in locating the "right" house, guides the buyer through the mortgage process, provides tax tips to save money and more.

Buyer Beware: Insider Secrets You Need to Know Before Buying Your Home-From Choosing an Agent to Closing the Deal

Finding the right house usually means first finding a good real estate agent. That's the focus of Buyer Beware! Author Carla Cross has been an agent herself for more than 20 years, but she candidly reveals many secrets of the business to help buyers avoid being buffaloed by lazy, incompetent, or unethical practitioners. That may happen surprisingly often; one-third of all homebuyers say they would not use their agents again, according to an industry survey. Cross tells how best to screen and choose an agent, explains why open houses are a waste of time for buyers and sellers alike, and advises on right and wrong ways to negotiate a discount of an agent's commission. By lifting the veil on a complex and fast-changing industry, Buyer Beware! helps readers enter the home-buying process with eyes wide open.